Mobile Phones Boon Or Bane

Mobile phones are like pepper – they are not exactly essential but they spice things up. Of course, some will argue this statement: some people will claim that you can’t have food without pepper the same way some businessmen will say they can’t get through a day without their mobile phones. I myself feel incomplete without my phone. Taking a closer look at these situations, one is inclined to ask: are mobile phones really indispensable?

A portable phone obviously has numerous advantages, foremost of which is it enables one to communicate long distance without compromising one’s mobility. Mobile phones likewise paved the way for instant messaging, resulting in spot reporting and quicker responses to accidents, attacks, or calamities. And due to its myriad functions, these gadgets have become voice recorders, music players, photo albums, alarms, dictionaries, personal directories, and even mini-computers.

On the other hand, its major setback is the electronic waste it accrues. In one ad, it says that if old phone batteries all over the world were gathered they would cover the land area of China! Furthermore, the use and manufacture of electronic equipment lead to an increase in energy consumptions. Add in the noise mobile phones contribute to the environment and you have pollution in all levels.

Ultimately, whether a product is trash or treasure depends upon its conscientious use. If we are aware of its pros and cons, then we can be more responsible, not just of our mobile phones but Mother Nature as well.