Math Drills Lite Iphone App Review

Math Drills Lite (Free)

REVIEW Nothing Light about Math Drills Lite

Opening Math Drills Lite presents the user with a choice. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a blend. Math Drills Lite is exactly what the name suggests: math drills. Users can choose to do a review of 10 problems in their chosen mode, or have a practice session of 10 problems that are timed in their chosen mode. It really is that straightforward. If a problem is answered incorrectly a review of it is offered at the end of the drill.

Math Drills Lite is guaranteed to strengthen anyones math skills. But its most impressive features are found in the settings menu. Users can enter custom facts, choose what part of the problem they want to be drilled on (for example, sums or addends in addition), select the layout they prefer for the problems, turn sounds on and off and even pick the colors they prefer for the app. Every aspect of the app can be customized in the settings menu, which means Math Drills Lite can be turned into the perfect math tutor for anyone.

This app only drills on problems featuring numbers up to nine. There are two-digit numbers involved, as 9 plus 9 is 18, and 24 divided by 8 is 3 but dont expect any problems involving numbers larger than nine. The app was most likely developed with school-aged children in mind, but even adults who rely on calculators will benefit from a little review.

When this app is used in practice mode, speed is key. After answering each question correctly, a speed is assigned to the session. Im not sure how the speed is calculated, but it seems to be based on the number answered correctly, how many times each problem was attempted and overall speed. When the app is used in review mode, users are shown a number line to help them out. If the user takes too long to answer, the number line animates itself to help the user get to the answer. The timing on the animation is customizable in the settings menu.

Math Drills Lite has two main menus: the drills and the setting. Everything is colorful, but not cluttered, making this app fun and easy to navigate.

– Melissa S.
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