g+++ Dual Sim Dual Cameras Wifi Compass Iphone 4 Shape

iPhone fan or not, lets come straight to the point: 4G+++, the latest iPhone 4 shape quad band phone, supports WiFi, Compass, dual sim cards dual camera with flashlight as well as JAVA, Bluetooth etc. This touch screen 4G+++ only costs $84(Free shipping) in Vkamobi, a reliable shopping site from China.

4G+++ is designed to keep you in touch with everyone in whichever way you want. WiFi, calls, text and internet mean you will never be unreachable. Dual SIM helps you to keep business and your private life separate, just how it should be. JAVA lets you use all the latest apps and Bluetooth lets you connect to wireless devices for hands-free use. Have a bit of down time? Then make use of the built-in FM and TV receivers. In addition, its ultra slim design (only 9.3mm) makes 4G+++ become the worlds thinnest mobile phone.

To get smart views and powerful applications with 4G+++ to manage your busy life and keep track of your schedule, you need to know its details below:

4G+++ Dual SIM Dual Cameras WiFi Compass Cell Phone Hot Spots

1.Slide to unlock/power off/to turn pages (6 pages) + Dual SIM Cards + Dual Cameras
2.Built-in replaceable memory card WIFI high-speed wireless Internet access module, built-in Amy
3.Built in compass software
4.Support G-sensor
5.Movies play in full screen landscape mode, the effect is also quite good
6.Three themes for choice
7.JAVA 2.0
8.FM radio
9.E-book reader
10.Bluetooth A2DP
11.MP3/MP4 player
12.3.5 mm standard audio output jack
13.Support TF card extend to 16GB max
14.Handshaking Function: chang song and wallpaper by shaking
15. Language: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, BahasaMelayu, Bahasa, Indonesia, Czech, Norwegian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkey, Persian, Hebrew, , Persian, Greek, Chinese

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