Download Iphone Ringtones A Little-known, Cheap Way To Download Ringtones Plus Other Cool Stuff

I dont like forking out my hard earned money just to download iPhone ringtones. Even if Im offered the chance to download 1000 different ringtones for just a dollar, I would still hesitate to pay

Hmm1000 ringtones for a buck sounds like a good deal actually, so I might just take up that offer 😉

But lets take it a step further shall we?

What if you can download iPhone ringtones PLUS other full-length media files like movies, TV shows and music albums INEXPENSIVELY? Now, you wont get these items for a buck thats for sure, but theres a way to obtain them without having to spend a lot of money.

Alright look, lets focus only on ringtones for a moment. If youre the type who likes to switch ringtones everyday (like my cousin), then you should download a software called iRinger. This software is absolutely free to download and converting your audio files with it is a cinch.

Now if youre a tight budget download nut like me, but interested in packing your iPhone with loads of cool stuff, then go for this approach!

Heres what I did

I signed up for a lifetime membership at My iPhone Download Center database which cost me 49 dollars. Now I admit, the upfront fee is quite expensive, but you will save a lot more money in the long run.

Of course ringtones arent expensive to download, though I have stumbled across a few sites that charges you 1.99 for each ringtone! Movies and TV shows (complete season) are priced much higher than that — around 10 to 20 dollars and 30 to 50 dollars respectively.

So on that basis, joining a membership download center is the more preferable option because youll be able to download iPhone ringtones, and other full media files at a one-time cost, and for as long as you want.

So next time, before you take out your credit card to pay for ringtones, remember the free iRinger software which enables you to convert any audio file to sync with your iPhone.