Cell Phone Tower Just How Far Is Safe

Do you live within a quarter mile of a cell phone tower? If you do, your health may be at risk, according to two separate studies from Germany and Israel..

German study: 3 times greater risk of cancer

Doctors living in the Southern German city of Naila conducted a study to learn whether a population living close to two transmitter antennas installed in 1993 and 1997 had increased risk of developing cancer.

Nearly 1,000 patients participated in the research, all of whom resided at the same address during the entire observation period of 10 years. With negligible differences in social, etchnic, environment, and age factors, what they found is quite revealing: the proportion of newly developed cancer cases was three times higher among those whose homes were located at a distance of up to 400m (about 1300 feet) from the cellular transmitter site, compared to those living further away. These same patients also fell ill on average 8 years earlier relatively.

Computer simulation and measurements used in the study both showed that radiation in the affected area (within 1300 feet) is 100 times higher compared to the outer area, mainly due to additional emissions coming from the secondary lobes of the transmitter.

The first 5 years of data didnt reveal any significant increased risk However, for the next five years (period 1999 to 2004), the odds ratio for getting cancer was 3.38 higher in the affected area compared to those outside. Breast cancer topped the list, but cancers of the prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin melanoma, lung and blood cancer were all increased

Israel study: fourfold cancer risk

Another study from Israel’s Tel Aviv University examined 622 people living near a cell-phone transmitter station for 3-7 years. The test subjects were patients in one clinic in Netanya and compared them against 1,222 control patients from a nearby clinic. Participants were very closely matched in environment, workplace and occupational characteristics. The people in the first group lived within a half circle of 350m (1148 feet) radius from the transmitter, which came into service in July 1996.

The results were startling. Out of the 622 patients who lived close to the transmitter, 8 cases of different kinds of cancer were diagnosed in a period of just one year (July 1997 to June 1998): 3 cases of breast cancer, one of ovarian cancer, lung cancer, Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymphatic system), osteoid osteoma (bone tumour) and kidney cancer. This compares with 2 per 1 222 in the matched controls of the nearby clinic. The relative risk of cancer was 4.15 higher for those living near the cell-phone transmitter compared with the entire population of Israel.

Women were found to be more susceptible. As seven out of eight cancer cases were women, the relative cancer rates for females were 10.5 for those living near the transmitter station and 0.6 for the controls relative to the whole town of Netanya. One year after the close of the study, 8 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the affected area compared to two in the control area.

How to Locate the Cell Phone Towers and Antennas Near You

Obviously, studies like those above can be quite disconcerting. Visit antennasearch.com and you’d be surprised at the number of cell phone transmitters and antennas planted virtually in your backyard. This site will show their exact locations and distances from your home or place of work. It also pinpoints future tower locations, helpful information for those considering buying a home.

Whats the difference between a tower and an antenna? Towers are tall structures where antennas are installed. A typical tower may easily hold over 10 antennas for various companies. Antennas, on the other hand, are the actual emitters of signals for various radio services including cellular, paging and others. Antennas are placed on high towers or can be installed by themselves (stand alone) on top of buildings and other structures.

As an example, I’ve located 3 cell phone towers and 22 antennas within a quarter mile from where I live, with the closest one at 845 feet.. And this is in a relatively quiet residential neighborhood by the ocean in the small city of Hilo in Hawaii. As you may guess, I did my research only well after we’ve moved in. Fortunately, we’re here on just a lease and we’ll be a bit wiser next time we look for a new home.

What to Do If You Live Near a Cell Phone Transmitter

Short of relocating, there are some things you can do to counter the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The Safe Wireless Initiative of the Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC, outlines three levels of intervention in accordance with the public health paradigm that everyone can apply. Here are our suggestions based on these guidelines:

The primary means of intervention is through avoidance or minimizing actual exposure. This simply means avoiding contact with EMR as much as possible. In case of a cell phone tower close to your home, this could mean using specially formulated RF shield paint, shielding fabric, shielding glass or film for windows, etc. Although they may sound extreme, these measures are a life-saver for someone who suffers from electrosensitivity, a condition in which a person experiences physical symptoms aggravated by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The secondary means of intervention is to minimize the effects of exposure. This includes the use of devices that help dissipate the chaotic energies on the biofield caused by EMR. A biofield is the matrix of weak electromagnetic signals that the body’s cells use to communicate with each other. EMR disrupts these signals, causing the cells to harden and trap toxins and waste products inside–including free radicals known to result in cellular dysfunction and interference with DNA repair. A scientifically validated bioenergetic device, which usually comes in the form of a pendant, chip or plug-in device, helps strengthen the biofield and maintain proper communications between the cells.

The third means of intervention is to help reverse any damage thats already done. This includes nutritional support such as anti-oxidant supplementation to help counter the effects of free radicals. Supplementing with anti-oxidants SOD, catalase, glutathione, and Coq10 are especially recommended. Microwave radiation has been shown to decrease levels of these anti-oxidants that the body normally produces to protect itself. These levels are sensitive indicators in stress, aging, infections and various other disease states.

By taking as much preventive measures as you can from the primary, secondary and tertiary means of intervention, you are providng yourself and your family multiple layers of protection from this modern environmental stressor.

(Ref: Safewireless.org article for the cell tower studies. See Dr. Gerald Goldberg’s book, “Would You Put Your Head in a Microwave Oven?’ for more information regarding nutritional support against RF/microwave radiation.)

(Note: This article is shared for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you believe that you have a health problem, see your doctor or health professional immediately.)