Cell Phone Ringing Tones Trends History

For a while when the mobile phones first introduced it got first to businesses and it was a really costly gadget then due to feasibility shown with businesses it got widely purchased by adults who has special needs, doctors and people used to have pagers. Then numbers of mobile network subscribers started escalating up when prices went down and this started the new market of mobile phones with high speed computing processors that plays video ringtones and games or has a touch screen.

More Features, the better:

Although the additional feature that allowed us to associate ringtones to callers to differentiate callers with the first ring is a great feature but in my opinion it was the main reason behind the new trend of owning many ringtones. Between teenagers this feature raised a new demand in the ringtones market as each teenage has his/her style ring tones assigned for each individual in their contact list according to latest surveys done by researchers.

This seemed to raise the demand for ringtones, and as per the trends tool from Google Inc. the search for ringtones increased in the last couple of years. Therefore, this industry is not only growing due to teenage demand on ringtones, it’s also due to the new high tech features of cellphones and the volume of storage of these phones.

Not so long ago the Realtones got to mobile phones and and now its almost the only ringtones in demand. in fact downloading ringtones via the web now applies for real tones period. because it simply give a REAL sense of high tech gadget. Concerning the most known types of ringtones, the regular are either TV show themes, songs or soft tones for known music.. Many Reasons why teens buy new ringtones but mainly its a way to cut daily routine and also to customize the cellphone and get with the latest hits.

Teens also tends to compete with their ringtones with each other. As a matter of fact it gets boring to keep your mobile default ringtones played over and over again and everyday for a while till you get a different phone model.

Web Services:

As a result of the ringtones requirements on ringtones, ringtone suppliers flourished and started to exploit the market with different software and tools that provide short ringtone to mobile phone users. Some providers gives a free trial period to bring customers to their services, some services make it easy to joint venture with a mobile network to bring an easy to download files over the network via MMS service of WAP. and get charged via the network bill with free trial of lets say 3 files only.

While the demand was on fire, eventually not everyone with a mobile phone has the technical knowledge to know how-to get ringtone files uploaded and played nicely on their phones, a lot of limitations here, some mobile phone allow only .WAV files played as ringtones while others only play .MP3 files. Sometimes your phone doesnt recognize a 44Hz audio mp3 file while with a 22Hz it does Such kind of differences in phone compatibilities motivated people to seek for a complete solution provided by paid ringtones providers that simply provides you with the ringtone you want based on your mobile phone model first However, companies who provides such paid services may cost a bit more for a teenage and actually they think two times before paying for their ringtones, they who doesn’t know how to convert files might consider asking friends to download a file and then convert it to match their own mobile ringing requirements.

Few tips to find ringtone websites and online sources

To get the best out of the available free services, try to look for Free Ringtones site that has mp3 files shared between the members’ ringtones as like this one (click here), allowing you to download Free cell phones ringtones directly with no hidden cost at all to your pc then upload the downloaded files to your phone memory via USB cable or via Bluetooth, some ringtones website has short jokes for text messaging and funny jokes for friends and family or lovely short sms messages for several occasions.

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