Cell Phone Radiation- What To Do About It

Cell Phone Radiation- What To Do About It

Are you worried about the radiation you are getting from your mobile phone? You should be. Science has proven that bioelectric impulses control our bodily functions. Dangerous frequencies of radiation are emitted by mobile and cordless phones. These frequencies can mimic the frequency of a hormone, antigen, or other signal molecule at the cellular level. The resulting symptoms from this mis-information vary for each individual. What are the threats?

Long-term exposure can produce mutagenesis and oncogenesis (cancer).

Short-term exposure affects many biological functions. It can decrease the effectiveness of therapeutic drug treatment, produce affective mood disorders, decrease mental and physical well-being, and impair immunocompetence (our immune system). Headaches, dizziness, and lack of concentration are common findings.

These environmental factors provoke growing concern due to the major impact on human health. What is even more disturbing is the fact that cell phone manufacturers have targeted younger consumers. A survey done by “The Toronto Star” found that cell phone use by children was up 140% since 2001. Manufacturers market these phones as a way of staying in touch with mom or dad, which is great from a personal safety standpoint, but what about the health risks? The impact on children is even greater than that of adults since their brains and immune systems are still developing.
Scientists have discovered that a cell phone call lasting just two minutes can falsify the normal electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour afterwards.

“Mobile phone manufacturers should take seriously a Swedish finding that their products are dangerous for children and teenagers, and work on developing safer phones. We cannot exclude that after some decades of daily use, a whole generation of users may suffer negative effects. Even though science shows that mobile phones are more dangerous than tobacco, they use the fact that radiation is invisible, and can’t be seen or smelt like smoke”.
Quote from Dr. Neil Cherry, Scientist.

So the BIG question is, What To Do About It?

Here are some things you can do about Cell Phone Radiation:

1.Buy Dowsing Rods to test for cell phone and computer radiation. A professional pair runs around $75.00. Dowsing rods haven proven in controlled tests to pick up weak electromagnetic influences as accurately as any scientific instrument. There are quite a number of devices on the market that claim to protect you from EMF’s and Cell Phone Radiation. Once you learn how to test with dowsing rods, you can use them to test the effectiveness of EMF protection devices. For example, you should be able to see the “before” and “after” effects if these devices really work. You can learn how to make and use these tools for free on my website.
2.Limit the level of exposure of children and teenagers to cell phones. Tell your kids not to talk for extended periods of time. Tell them not to carry their cell phone on them if they don’t have to. This applies to cordless phones also. (For example, put it down on a table or desk whenever possible). If they must use a cell phone, then get some protection for it, in the form of a chip. These chips will eliminate the low frequency radiation, and make the phone safer to use.
3.Some people believe that wearing a “hands-free” or “Bluetooth” headset will protect them from radiation. Even when wireless devices are used to keep the cell phone away from the ear, the radiation is magnified because the headset serves as an antenna to receive all electromagnetic waves in the vicinity of the user. A better solution is to get a “Bluetooth” device that mounts to the windshield or dashboard of your vehicle. Keep the cell phone and “Bluetooth” device away from your body. Radiation eliminator chips are still recommended.
4.Buy a pendant which will protect you from all forms of Electromagnetic Radiation. This includes cell phones, cordless phones, computers, wireless devices, cell phone towers, wi-fi networks, and hydro towers.