An Affordable Digital Multimeter For The Electronics Enthusiast

The multimeter is one of the most useful pieces of electrical test equipments. As it can measure amps, ohms and volts. Its true, it really combines three functions. When you need to measure current, it becomes an ammeter. When you need to measure ohms, it becomes an ohmmeter, while you need to measure voltage, it becomes a voltmeter.

You can imagine that digital multimeter can be used in industrial applications, electrical applications, diagnose your vehicles or home usage. Multimeters come in two parts: digital and analog. The analog one has a needle, while the digital one has a LED or LCD display. We know digital products always in advance, and has trend that is to replace the analog ones. The digital one not only can be readout directly, but also can be adjusted automatically.

The types of digital multimeter come in two kinds, one is handheld, another one is desktop. In fact, multimeter are used very frequently, handheld digital multimeter will be more practical than desktop one. In other hand, handheld multimeter is much cheaper than desktop multimeter.

There is a price range of digital multimeter from several dollars to several thousand dollars. The price you pay all depends on what features you need, and how much you are willing to spend. However, if you are a beginner engineer or enthusiast, it is suggested that you neednt buy an expensive one, or it will lead a waste. You dont be worried, as any digital one has a function with measuring current, ohmmeter and voltmeter. You can buy a good brand with affordable price, such as Hantek digital multimeter.

If you are looking for a digital multimeter to begin your career or for your hobby, dont be hesitated, will offer you more choices. You might want to know more specific details about digital multimeters in my other reviews.