A Brief Introduction To Nextbase Protable Dvd Players

Key Features

One of the most important, if not the most important, components of a portable DVD player is its display, or screen. The size, and other characteristics, of the screen determine the quality not only of what you actually see, but also the overall dimensions, and weight, of a portable DVD player. Most LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, nowadays, are TFT (Thin Film Transistor), or active matrix, in design, and offer bright, colour rich, results, even in conditions of bright ambient light. The Nextbase N2 SDV47 model, for example, is a tablet style portable DVD player, with a 7 inch, TFT display, while the Nextbase DVM235 model features a pop up, 3.5 inch, TFT display.

Screens as small as 4 inches, and as large as 17 inches, measured diagonally, are available, with 7 inches being typical. Do remember, however, that while a larger screen can be easier on the eyes, if you intend to view for long periods, the player, itself, and its batteries will, by necessity, also be larger, and heavier.

It may be that you wish, at some point, to connect a portable DVD player to your existing home entertainment system. If this is the case, connectivity is important, and you should look for the highest quality output connections appropriate to your system. These may include S-video, and coaxial, or optical audio outputs. You may also be looking for support of true digital surround sound, in the form of Dolby Digital, or DTS; Dolby Digital is an industry standard for commercial DVD recordings.

About Nextbase

Nextbase is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of high end audio/video products, with over 15 years experience in the portable DVD player industry. The company strives to incorporate new electronics technology into its range of exciting and innovative products, employs a strict quality guarantee system, in accordance with international standards, and has formed strategic partnerships with other leading players within the industry.


If you are planning to use a portable DVD player in a moving vehicle or in any other environment where it is likely to be subject to vibration, or the occasional shock, it is good idea to invest in a model that has skip protection. Similarly, there may be other considerations, particular to your circumstances, which mean that some features are more important than others. A portable DVD player with a large screen, for example, is fine, but may not be very convenient if you have difficulty fitting it into your bag, or briefcase, and disappointing, if its battery life is only an hour, or so.