Android 2.3 Platform Multimedia Enhancements

Android 2.3 comes with rich multimedia capabilities that will thrill both the common users and the Android developers. With features like mixable audio effects, support for new media formats, access to multiple cameras, the new media framework offers a versatile multimedia experience. Android mobile applications can take advantage of these new and advanced Android 2.3 capabilities to offer a vivid multimedia ecosystem. Outsource Android development team can make use of these various features to enhance the complete multimedia experience.

Audio mixing

Android 2.3 is loaded with a new audio effects API. Android developers can utilize this API to create vivacious audio environments. Audio effects API allow developers to configure audio equalization, bass boost, headphone virtualization, etc. Multiple audio effects can be mixed in a local track or can be applied across multiple tracks globally.

New media formats support

Capturing high-quality audio is feasible with Android 2.3 platform through its support of AAC encoding and AMR wideband encoding in software. Further, support is in-built for VP8 open video compression format and WebM open container format. This support provided by Android 2.3 is expected to set standards for high-definition video playback. WebM lets users to play videos on Web sites like YouTube in the Android Web browser.

Usage of multiple cameras

Android 2.3 comes with the upgraded Camera API allowing the Android developer access to multiple cameras present on the Android device. Android developers can query the Android 2.3 platform regarding the number of cameras on the device and their specific characteristics and then choose to open a particular camera. This allows developers to utilize available resources depending on requirements such as using the back-facing camera with higher quality resolution for taking high-quality photographs or using the front-facing camera with lower quality resolution for video conferencing. The front-facing camera too now can shoot and record videos.

New media framework

This new media framework in Android 2.3 platform now replaces the Open Core whilst maintaining all the older codec/container support for encoding and decoding. Some amount of support is available for extra large display devices like tablets and TVs, e.g., if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android 2.3 platform will let you make more use of the extra large screen the way Google wants you to. The 2.3 platform supports video chat as well, although to use video chat on tablets, you need to install extra software add-ons. Multitasking allows the users to run simultaneous multimedia sessions such as sending mails, updating spreadsheets and watching favorite videos.

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Electronics Audience Polling System is Beneficial For All

Audience Award polling system is a new way by which a presenter and his audience can interact with each other mobile device, and presentation software.

Using audience award presentations polling system in the organizer to help increase public and retention collect and display polling data in real time.

The hardware devices for audience polling systems are available in the form of a wireless keyboard with 7 to 10 keys, based on the audience.

A base station connects to the moderator of the computer and collects data from all keyboards, distributed to the audience. The Audience Award polling software is on the Presenter-computer and includes all the capabilities of the presentation and data collection and reporting functions.

How can audience polling system works?

The audience interacts with the presentation with wireless keyboards. Each slide presentation and a question have many possible answers. All participants have responded or when the time expired, the data shown in the context of the presentation for the audience.

It depends, organizers either track polling results for individual members or to allow all inputs to remain anonymous. Classroom Environments often require the professor or teacher to collect reactions from the public in terms of quality or quizzes, participation by electronic means.

There are several advantages of using public polling systems. For example: It improves attention It offers anonymous polling Make sure that tracking functions to collect the individual responses Displays the data immediately accelerate the decision-making processes Collect data for reporting and analysis He immediately confirmed audience understanding The answers are immediately sent to the recipient, the organizers of the computer and the audience polling software collects and displays the results of the presentation of data in the context of the presentation in an intelligible form.

Audience Award question polling Systems Design To the audience survey, it is necessary to ask the relevant question from the audience. If you have a survey on the product for a company to the feedback of the product to the customer’s point of view, your question should have the quality of product, price of the product, etc. And these questions should be asked in an interactive way So that interactive audience response can be achieved.

Not only the relevance and not the length of the question should be taken care of. Question should not be very large. In accordance with the requirement of the number of questions can be increased, but it is easier for the public to give their feedback, when the issues are limited, as well as relevant as well.

Things should keep an eye on when using Audience Award polling systems many things should keep an eye on the news as easy and interesting use of colorful stories and examples to illustrate their news. It is a natural and comfortable way. Do you understand the meaning and purpose of analyzing audience? The analysis is the appreciation of the profile and the properties of a group of people, so that an offer can be customized for them. And you can the right feedback.

Electronic Dictionary Has Many Different Uses

In today’s digital age, most people have begun to use digital dictionaries, instead of the older print dictionaries. These electronic dictionaries have many different uses, from spell checking work to providing a quick way of finding the definition of terms.

The electronic dictionaries that are present on the internet and in several word processing programs, like Microsoft Office or Open Office, help people to have easy access to the English digital dictionary Before these applications were developed, to use a dictionary, everyone was forced to use the physical printed dictionaries.

Using the digital dictionary, it is always easier to get particular words. With the internet, many dictionary websites allow for the user to search for a specific word, rather than browsing through pages of text to get the word. An electronic dictionary is also a popular place for spell checking or grammar checking papers and information.

A lot of people use search engines, such as Google, to check whether or not they have spelled words accurately. Such search engines often also have a dictionary option, presenting the user the meaning of the word. It is convenient to use search engines or even sites totally dedicated to dictionary functions in order than to use printed dictionaries.

Digital dictionaries have also become useful for obtaining synonyms or antonyms. When drafting a paper, email, or document, a lot of people have writers block – a tough time coming up with what to state or how to phrase what they are saying.

Having digital dictionaries for identifying synonyms for words, they are able to alter their phrasing and write a more unique article or email that may even help them to continue writing their document. Dictionaries are actually helpful. Digital dictionaries have made an easier means for using the dictionaries that have been so useful in the past.

Trace a Mobile Phone Number – Save Money on Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup

How do you really trace a mobile phone number when they’re actually not published on phone books? This is an extremely interesting situation. However one should understand that just because mobile numbers are unpublished it doesn’t mean that tracing mobile numbers is impossible.

Mobile Numbers have been unpublished in order to satisfy privacy laws protecting mobile users – Exactly right! If these numbers were published on public phone books, then obviously anybody can get hold of them and invariably they will end up in the hands of

If they’re unlisted can you really Trace a Cell Phone Number? – Yes you can it’s simple. Even though they are not available on public phone books, certain independent companies have the authority to access telephone number databases maintained by the cellular carriers. They (actually their computers) can do a reverse phone lookup for us and they will make the information available to us. They too have to pay a fee for accessing these mobile number databases and that’s why we have to pay them. They probably get a nice profit from this because different websites charge you different prices. Most likely the most expensive ‘services’ must be profiting most while the other guys profit the least.

There are a huge number of websites that offer to trace a mobile phone number. Some are great while the majority are obviously not. Some of the databases have frequently updated accurate data, while some are hardly ever updated so if you try to do a reverse phone search using such a service, you get the previous owner’s name and address instead of the current one. You should try to avoid such services by all means.

If you are looking for a relatively good service to trace a mobile phone number, this guy tells you exactly where to find a great deal that costs only 99 cents. You are saving $14 at least when you use this, because the next cheapest service costs $15. When you use the following service to Trace a Mobile Phone Number you are saving over $10 compared to the second cheapest website. Click this link now to Trace a Mobile Phone Number for 99 cents

The iPhone 4 featuring HD video recording with its 5 megapixel camera

The iPhone 4 provides HD video recording with its 5 megapixel camera along with a front facing VGA camera for the FaceTime app which allows you to easily make video calls to friends also on iPhone 4. The handset also has the latest operating system iOS 4 which allows you to create Folders for apps and multitask.

The handset features a 5 megapixel camera with tap to focus capability along with an LED flash for light enhancement in poor conditions. Your photos and videos are also automatically Geotagged allowing you to create albums based on location as well as date, as with the HTC Desire HD. The phone also features a large 3.5 inch Retina display which makes everything on the multitouch screen extremely vivid to view, including all of your videos in High Definition and photos captured. The display has a 960 by 640 pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch respectively, making it the highest resolution display of any phone currently released.

The iPhone allows you to use multiple applications at any time and switch between them seamlessly leaving one to go to another without losing your place. For example you can change the album you are listening to in the iPod app, and go back to the email you were composing instantly. This is similar to the Desire HD which also allows you to multitask. As well as the new multitasking functionality, the iOS 4 operating system also now provides Folders which allows you to organise your apps into easy to manage places with custom names, or with automatic names based on genre. This means that you can add even more new apps to your handset from the preinstalled iTunes App Store. Otherwise, the common interface on the Home Screen remains the same with a simple layout of App icons for you to tap to open.

The iPhone 4 also provides great calling features too, along with the new FaceTime app for video calling friends using the front facing VGA camera on the newly designed handset, which now features a more robust casing and display glass cover. It is similar to the Desire HD in many of its features including video calling and multitasking too. Meanwhile, it also offers easy email and messaging features as well as a full iPod and the means to download and add more and more music to the phone all the time, and apps from the App Store also.

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IPod Touch – More than just another gadget to listen to music

A certain section of people today still believe that the iPod Touch is just another gadget to listen to music on the go. They cannot be farther from the truth. These gadgets are multi-functional and can perform innumerable tasks

The iPod Touch is a sleek and very attractive music player backed by a brand name that has given us many great products. The gadget combined with the features of iTunes makes music part of your life without any added hassles. With available space breaking all barriers, to go as high as 160GB, there will not be anything that needs to be left behind. But what makes iPods so special is the fact that you can not only carry your entire media library with you but you can also access it in an instant. For example, there are features like Genius Mixes in iTunes that allow you to get songs that go great with your favorite tune and a playlist is made for you in no time.

The Click Wheel feature of the iPod Touch allows you to watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite song on the go. You can browse based on album arts, navigate songs based on playlists and genres and search for your favorite artist. If you don’t like organizing and instead want your gadget to throw surprises at you all you need to do is shuffle up the songs. What iPods carry in that sleek portable unit that can easily fit into your pocket is no less than a miracle. The latest versions of iPods can give you as much as 24 – 36 hours of battery life, not to mention 25000 photos, 40,000 songs or 200 hours worth of videos individually.

The beautiful 2.5inch display of the iPod Touch brings out the best out of your videos allowing you to watch your favorite TV show or movie even while you are sitting in the airport lounge or when you are bored at night. You can rent and purchase movies to enjoy on your favorite gadget and you can also download videos if you want to. Apart from podcasts, you can also get some excellent games. You can sync your contacts and calendar and even your to-do list from the computer so that you never forget an important task to be completed or an important appointment. Thus your gadget not only helps you carry your music and videos, but also your calendar and schedule, so that you are never behind on anything.

The experience of using the iPod Touch is what makes it so special. It is one thing to be able to carry thousands of songs or photos or both, and absolutely different to be able to navigate seamlessly and pull out what you want to see or hear. In fact, this powerful music player demonstrates that sleekness and aesthetic charm adds a lot to a gadget’s ability to entertain you. Games and songs, photos and videos, calendar and movies, you can now have everything on it, all within a thin, sleek space which hardly weighs anything. The abilities are further enhanced through utilities which let you do much more, making things even more pleasurable for you. This is the reason why it isn’t just any other music player.

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Spy Hidden Cameras – The Best 11 Suggestions To Determing The Best For You

While a great many areas of criminal offense ‘re going downwards robbery as well as house brakein are most often rising. Find out more about how to shield your home.

1. The main issue using the micro camera certainly is the fact that they cannot have the resolution which common cameras can.
2. You ought to do not forget that several cameras will still only take one form of SD Card while some could permit you to use a variety of storage options.
3. An other issue to bear in mind is if you’d like wired or perhaps wi-fi for your camera. Some wi-fi cameras run off the electrical power of the host product e.g. an alarm clock, some are electric battery powered. Wifi models use a built in transmitter in order to send the transmission. A receiver at the personal computer will be supplied to get the signal.
4. Operating or not. Most hidden cameras will be inside fully operating things. Some are not. This can help with the deceptiveness which makes it nearly unattainable to discover a hidden camera.
5. Audio – If you would like audio there are “body worn” cameras which have a camera, mike along with DVR inside. They’re the only types that are legal in many states. Examples are a ball point pen, wrist watch, car key as well as the ‘stick camera.’
6. For individuals who truly want to bring the james bond experience alive, the littlest model of the hidden spy camera is the spy pen camera.
7. You can actually take snapshots or still pics, and you’ll also playback what the camera has seen or registered even though you’ve been gone.
8. If you would like really high quality recordings, you might want to select a large concealed camera that is invisible, for instance, inside a clock.
9. What ever your arguments could be for choosing and utilizing a micro camera, you need to attach it to some pc in order to access your recordings. The good thing is, it’s a super easy process.

10. Toy cars – if there are any toy cars in the living room area or any other room, you could possibly place a compact micro camera inside that toy and spy on the others.
11. The biggest dilemma when using the micro camera is the proven fact that they don’t really have the clearness which ordinary cameras do. The benefit is in charge.

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The Market Is Always Flooded With Objects Of Cool Electronics Gadgets

Over the last couple of years there has been large increase in the production of gizmos and Cool Electronics Gadgets due to technological advances in the electronics industry. As every person will know that, Cool Electronics Gadgets are totally wide used in the global, from city to suburban, from elder and men to younger and women. Along with the fast development of technology, more and more new innovative electronic products are brought into our lives and their upgraded version are also launched quickly by the electronic giants. And the market is always flooded with objects of Cool Electronics Gadgets.
Maybe you may question provided you can even use a Cool Electronics Gadgets exactly wherever you will probably be. Really fact, you can actually. Nowadays batteries are employed to operated most Cool Electronics Gadgets appreciate mobile phones, Recording inventions, machines, and lots much more. Nonetheless, they are able to just vigor your Cool Electronics Gadgets for a particular period of time. For a kid who has to learn when it comes to mains electrical power or Cool Electronics Gadgets, you can find sources dealing with mains force or perhaps voltages so that you can pick using the net. Through only a finger tap of a typical mouse button, you will get every one of the info you may need.
Considered as essential things in the present day are handheld Cool Electronics Gadgets and the trend is not one that will fade so easily. The only electronic thing of multi-utility that you find is not a cell phone. There are plenty of new gizmos that are catching up with passing time and these comprise digital organizers, GPS receivers, Apple Battery Replacement, digital cameras and Apple IPod Dock and so on. Once upon a time they used to be high-price luxury items but if you see today, they have come to be the minimal equipment for the common man. There is a variety to choose from out of the new arrivals in Cool Electronics Gadgets as well as high-tech standbys.
In fact the Cool Electronics Gadgets, especially mobile phones, personal audio and video products, home appliances and other consumer packaged goods, more and more toward the direction of small personalized, and this is a concrete manifestation of the appearance of innovation. South Korea’s Samsung, LG and other electronics companies, initially rely mainly on the appearance innovative industrial design, rapid occupation of the domestic market, until the rapid development of their innovation road.
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Technology Blessing or Curse

We live in the world of continuing advancement, a world full of technological advancements. Technologies like cars, laptops, cell-phones, cameras, observation systems, mobile audio, Televisions, Digital media, tech accessories, name it. We’ve been relying all of these…

Technology can be considered both a blessing and a curse, depending on whom you ask. It is a blessing for the vast majority of humans since it does make us more reliable and efficient to do whatever it is that we have to do at a faster pace than norm. We can communicate with our friends and family anywhere around the globe through the use of cell phones and/or email. We can travel by the use of car, airplane, trains, and ships. Students and non-students alike can research all the information needed to complete their schoolwork or variable projects on the Internet. These are just some of the mere examples of what technology has done for us today. It’s the advancement and innovations that intrigues us. What a blessing!

Most of us see technology as an advancement to enhance our future; others beg to differ. As with everything in life, there is always a positive and a negative side. In particular, I honestly think that technology has impaired or affected our kids education, back in the older days we did not have much in terms of technology and a TV set was considered the “in thing”. Alternative fun was reading or playing outside, now everyone seems disengaged from themselves and society because of the constant attachment to devices like computers (Chat) and Multimedia cell-phones (Messenger). No one bothers to make the effort to communicate in person or face-to-face anymore, society is now devoid of human interaction and emotions and if something is not done about it soon, we may as well consider ourselves meaningless robots. There is no escaping technology and what it entails, it is here to stay and the only thing one can do is to embrace it, or not. Its quite interesting who embraces and who doesnt. I find that the baby boomers are somewhat hesitant to embrace something simple as a computer but they will buy the nicest and fastest cars that are fully equipped with all sorts of gadgets short of a rocket launcher.

It is also a curse for us. Why? Because students are mainly addicted to the use of Internet and the various social networking sites and online games, they tend to focus more on the Internet games than studying or completing their lessons. Additionally, their eyes could be damaged from the constant glare of screens or monitors from staring at them for extended periods. Technology could also harm the environment, like the improper disposal of used and expired tech devices such as computer CRT monitors and TV sets. Where the economy is concerned, it does take away jobs, how helpful is it to know that you as an employee, have now been replaced by a robot or some form of technological machinery in the state that the worldwide economy is in? And of course, I could go on and on.

As a conclusion: Technology can be considered both a blessing and curse. How about you, what’s your opinion? Do you think technology is a blessing or a curse?

Extended Warranties for Electronics – Are they worth it

One of the primary concerns of consumers when buying an electronics product or device is the warranty offered by the company. Many countries have certain laws on the warranty of electronic devices due to the fact that these products are often highly indispensable to daily life. Despite the assurance that companies give regarding the standards of their products, a warranty usually gives more assurance to customers when purchasing a particular electronics product. In most cases, companies offer a one-year warranty for their products, while other companies may offer a limited warranty for the same amount of time. A limited warranty usually only covers parts or labor on a repair, but not both. Nowadays, companies are also offering extended warranties for their products.

The basic principle behind extended warranties is that it stretches out the usual one year warranty to two, three or even as much as five years. Of course, you usually have to pay a premium for a longer warranty, sometimes hundreds of dollars, depending on the product. So, are extended warranties worth it? The answer here primarily relies on what kind of electronics you are dealing with. If youre going to buy a very expensive device that is intended to be used on a daily basis and for a long period of time like LCD televisions, refrigerators or air conditioning units, then an extended warranty would be a good deal. On the other hand, if you intend to buy a laptop, which depreciates fast and becomes obsolete quickly, then a one-year or two-year warranty will usually suffice. However, the more you use a product, and the longer term you are going to use a product, the likelihood increases whether an extended warranty is a good value.

Aside from the type of electronics that you intend to buy, the warranty also relies on you as a user. If you know yourself as someone who is very careful in handling electronics, then you might be content with the bundled one-year warranty. However, if you tend to be harsh on your products, like putting them in your pocket or dropping them often, then you should opt to have an extended warranty.

Another useful tip for deciding whether a warranty is worth it for you, is to read up on reviews of the product first. Many times, the reviewers will talk about the warranty and what the best term is for the product. Consumer Reports actually offers reliability ratings for many products, and these can be of great help. If a product is listed as very reliable, then you may not need an extended warranty at all.