A Phone Tracker App Called Find My Iphone

People who have iPhones love downloading and using all kinds of apps. If you’re an iPhone user, I’m sure that you will be interested in hearing about a very nice software program that’s available just for the the iPhone. This is a particularly interesting cell phone tracker program known as Find My iPhone.

After getting the program added and working right on your cellular phone, you’ll need to sign up for a service called MobileMe. It’s actually free to download and install the app you you’ll have to pay $99 a year for the MobileMe subscription and the app won’t work unless you do.

If you wish to sample the service first, you can actually try MobileMe for 2 months without charge and then if you decide to keep it, you’ll need to pay for it. It’s really rather very easy to utilize Find My iPhone to locate a misplaced or stolen cellular telephone. You’ll just need to find an Internet connected computer and sign into your private MobileMe account with your your security password and user ID. Then, simply with push of mouse button, you’ll see the exact location of your cellphone displayed on a map on your computer monitor.

Now, there are a couple of especially awesome functions that come with the Find My iPhone phone tracker that you’ll probably want to know about. The first is that you can actually remotely lock your cellular phone so that no one will be able to snoop into the information that is stored on your phone or place unauthorized calls with your phone.

The second function is very powerful and should be reserved for cases where you don’t think that you’re ever going to be able to recover your cellular phone. This particular option will allow users to thoroughly wipe off all of the personal data which is saved on your iPhone. Once you use this function, there’s no going back so use it cautiously.

You should know that your cellular phone must be on and within the cellular telephone coverage area for this app to be able to report its location to the Find My iPhone service. The app must also be left operating in the background of the phone

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iPad adopted in teaching activities

Beginning from the fall semester in 2010, some American universities is going to adopt iPad in teaching activities. Insiders said that it is not only a try to promote educational business with high technology, but may also change the traditional teaching and learning method fundamentally. iPad is a touch-screen tablet PC with 9.7 inch screen and 680 gram. It is easy to be taken. It is one of the e-book that made by iPad company with the function of searching internet, sending and receiving e-mail, reading e-book and playing video or audio, etc.

Since iPad have been appeared on the market, college is also thinking what this small-screen but large-function facility can do for students. It is reported that some universities will adopt iPad in teaching activities. The list includes: American Oklahoma State University, Seton Hall University in Pennsylvania, Reed College, George Fox University, North Carolina State University, etc.

Most of the school which is going to carry out experimental plan will provide a free iPad tablet PC for each student. University of Maryland is also plan to buy a batch of them, put the two-year course of “digital culture and creation” into practice with 60 students to arouse students potential of exploiting new technology adequately. Green, the principal of information college item in American Scientific Research Institution, showed great affirmative attitude to the item. He said it is the process of exploring new teaching method; it is a sharing experiment between college and student, textbook publishing industry and e-book manufacturer.

Handy, one of the professors in Oklahoma State University, is in charge of the experimental work. He said their college choosing iPad to assist teaching activities is not to catch the vogue of high technology, but to evaluate whether iPad is good for teaching and learning or not, whether iPad can improve students learning, how iPad blends into students daily life. At the same time, it is going to verify whether iPad can save the cost of textbook, whether students can blend into commercial society well after graduate. Of course, they are also testing the limitation of iPad in teaching. According their plan, Handy said, they will blend iPad into the whole teaching and learning. Such as, student can buy digital textbook and put the whole book into iPad. It can save about $100 cost, but also it is easy to search internet anytime.

In addition, student can convert video to iPad about their course or the presentation files before their class. Handy said it is easy to load e-book or ipad video without heavy schoolbag. What is more important, students can keep closed contact with their classmates and teachers through IM Platform whether in the class or not.

Of course, there are some persons in the American academic field calling in question about the experimental plan. In the 2010 spring semester, Princeton University and George Washington University network got some wrong because of students plentifully using iPad. Whats more, students may play any kinds of game or entertainment when using their iPad which will affect their school work. Experts predict that iPad and other kinds of e-book will play an important role in future education. Such as online teaching. In addition, the influence of teaching method will be more obvious, it will fundamentally change the traditional teaching method and structure of textbook.

Camera Rain Cover Bean Bag Accessoriesphotography Cheatsheets,guide, Tips, Cheat Sheets

Photography is way of object that reflects your observations from focus of light. Its a simple type of object that is created by drawing rays and intensity of light.
This can be done with camera. Camera is a device which helps to capture things on media which can then be converted onto paper of digitized. There are many types of photography accessories like camera, photo cards, Quick Cards ,Canon Camera Rain Cover, Camera Rain Cover, Rain Cover, Nikon Rain Cover, DSLR Rain Cover, Photography Cheat sheets, Photography Cheat Sheets, Photography Guide, Photography Tips, Camera Cheat sheets, Camera Bean Bag, Camera Accessories etc…

We are your every day photographing partners who truly make easy things for snapping off photos anywhere you go! Through extensive research, we have found photos that are difficult to shoot, concepts that are difficult to understand, and tips from the pros that cant be taught in any class. There are more and more people owning digital cameras with features they have never used and feel uncomfortable using. We have found many people using the “spray and pray” method of photography (taking numerous photos of the same subject hoping that one will turn out). We want everyone to be able to understand the elements of photography and what goes into taking a great picture. This is what inspired us to create this site.

Quick Cards ~ have photography secrets on an organized, compact card so you dont have to spend time researching that perfect shot! They will improve your photographs so that you can bring in the big bucks for those one of a kind photos!

Are you a student and have an important photography assignment coming up? You can relax knowing that you have your Quick Card to back you up and be your guide. Whether youre an amateur or pro, these cards will help you to improve your technique by keeping crucial information on hand and easy to access.

Camera Rain Covers: Camera Rain Covers are an absolute must for snapping photos in inclement weather. Use this great accessory to protect your expensive camera and lenses! Have peace of mind knowing that your gear will be protected and you can still get that perfect picture by using our Camera Rain Cover.

There are Many Accessories used by photographer like Camera Bean Bag, DSLR Rain Cover, Photography Cheat sheets, Photography Cheat Sheets, Photography Guide, Photography Tips etc, thephotobuddy.com is leading photography company since 1998 which can buy and sell online store of photographic accessories like Camera Rain Cover, Rain Cover, Canon Rain Cover, Nikon Rain Cover, DSLR Rain Cover, Photography Cheat sheets, Photography Cheat Sheets, Photography Guide, Photography Tips, Camera Cheat sheets, Camera Bean Bag, Camera Accessories.

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Nokia N8 Vs Apple iPhone 4

Both the handsets feature touchscreen and 3.5 inch display, but Nokia N8 is fitted with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with16M colors 360 x 640 pixels. In comparison to this, Apple iPhone 4 comes with 16M colors 360 x 640 pixels. Nokia is expected to release the model in October 2010 and Apple’s handset is already in the market from June 2010. Either of these models bears equal 2G and 3G networking characters.

The display of N8 and iPhone 4 are similar to the extent of Multi-touch input and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off. The difference is seen in normal Scratch-resistant surface of the model from Nokia, which is made of Gorilla glass. However, Apple has spiced up the display with Three-axis gyro sensor. Nokia has designed the Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, whereas Apple’s Accelerometer sensor is a normal auto-rotate. Operating systems of both differ totally. Nokia has gone for Symbian^3 OS whereas Apple has preferred using iOS 4 OS.

The features of the camera also vary significantly in these models. Nokia N8 is fitted with 12 MP, 4000×3000 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and Xenon flash. Other features of the camera are ND filter, and face and smile detection. Conversely, Apple iPhone 4 comes with 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash and Touch focus. The Geo-tagging feature is common to both. Either of the models is capable of video shooting, but Apple’s model is capable of shooting videos at the capacity of 720p@30fps and Nokia’s handset is restricted at 720p@25fps.

Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 both are similar in messaging features of SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, but Nokia’s handset is capable of handling the IMs. Games are downloadable, which includes motion-based ones also. In Nokia’s handset there loaded games as well as it allows downloading the games. Apple’s mobile set is available in Black and White coloures, whereas Nokia’s handset is available in the variants of Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, and Orange. Nokia has designed the model with Stereo FM radio with RDS; FM transmitter, but Apple’s model has no radio. Besides these, there are some more differences.

Lucy Brightly is a content writer and writes about latest gadgets. For information on latest Apple iPhone 4 16GB and Nokia N8 Orange, you can go to leading online shops.

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SharePoint 2013 An Overview

Social computing, ECM, Search, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Integration of multiple cross-functional platforms have become a must for every organization.

SharePoint provides the scalability, agility and capability required for providing a comprehensive solution to address these needs of an organization by providing a robust framework to quickly build, manage and deploy Enterprise Portal Applications that leverage content management, collaboration, search, composites and business insights to connect and empower people, cut costs with a unified infrastructure, rapidly respond to business needs and work with external partners and customers. It has been widely adopted across verticals and across geographies (with more than 17000 customers and 100 million users)

SharePoint started its journey as a portal in 2001 which enabled web based collaboration and rudimentary document management. The next version released in 2003 included enhancements in collaboration, UI and a re – architecture of the product. MOSS 2007 was released with a lot of enhancements in areas of focus which included Document Management, Collaboration, User Information and Search. MOSS had Windows SP Services 3.0 as foundation which provided the core functionality. SP 2010 was released with a lot of enhancements along various themes: Sites, Communities, Search, Insights and Components.

Microsoft recommends usage of more out of the box features than building large-scale or complex customizations which is where the enhancements to SP 2013 make a huge impact. There have been significant improvements at platform level and major architectural changes in SP 2013 which include enhancements in areas like Security with support for OAuth, standards compliant Data Exchange with support for OData, support for Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5, eDiscovery features to assist in integrated case management, support for viewing in multiple mobile devices, improved web content management, Search, ECM and Social computing. The new app model gives architects and developers lot more design options.

Enhancements at a glance:

Development – Easier development of workflows and a new, simplified application model, called the Cloud App Model, allows more customization of SP Online and easier customization of SP 2013 on-premises applications.

Document sharing and collaboration – SP 2013 offers an out-of-the-box option for synchronizing user content. Where consumers will use SkyDrive to synchronize Office 2013 content. This service can synchronize a user’s own content as well as SP document libraries and is managed directly through Windows Explorer as SP Libraries, in the same manner as SkyDrive integration.

Content Management – features for managing content retention have been extended to manage content across sources (such as Exchange mailboxes and Lync) without requiring copying of content

Social Features – features social networking functionality comes integrated directly from Microsoft’s recently acquired Yammer technology, aggregated outside feeds including Facebook and LinkedIn

Search and discovery – FAST Search is now directly integrated, providing search of documents, sites, users, and multimedia content through an extensible query framework

Mobile devices – The ability to render a single SP published site in multiple formats for different devices. This gives developers ability to enable a push notification service on a SP site to send device updates to a Windows Phone device.

Authentication – Authentication enhancements include enabling easier claims-based authentication and enables new scenarios and functionality for Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, and apps

BCS – Includes support for apps internal, external list improvements to provide functional parity with other lists, and support for OData Business Data Connectivity (BDC) connections

Business Intelligence – provides comprehensive BI tools that integrate across Microsoft Office applications and other Microsoft technology solutions and services

eDiscovery – Improvements include the ability to perform eDiscovery queries across multiple farms and Exchange servers, to preserve and export discovered content

Records Management and Compliance – Site based retention has been introduced allowing compliance features to be applied to sites

Branding – The new features in a publishing site minimize the amount of knowledge that is required to successfully design and brand a site.

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Personalized Cell Mobile phone Covers

You just purchased a new cell telephone and now you want to personalize it. Cell covers are a wonderful way to display off your selected fashion. Each children and adults love flashy wanting cell covers. The covers appear cool, and they defend your cell display from acquiring scratched or broken. Cellphone covers have been initial produced quite plain and had been just to defend your telephone, but now, covers are the craze. There are sports activities, animal, band, schools, and political covers, just to title a handful of. What ever you’re in to, there’s a cell cover built just for it. Phone covers are the range a single accessory for a cell telephone. You just have to have a cool cell telephone cover, or you won’t be in type.
For more information about “cell phone cases”, you should pay a visit to: cell phone cases
There are a number of unique kinds of covers to select from. Some cells have a cover that you can take off and substitute with a designer cover. There is a release button on the cover, and you just press the button, and it pops appropriate off. Then you substitute it with the new cell cover. If your cell phone doesn’t have a removable cover then you can obtain a slip on or snap on cover. This sort of cell covers come in leather, vinyl, silicone, or challenging plastic. If you pay a visit to your nearby mall, you can typically come across a cell cover kiosk that will give you a huge assortment of covers to select from. I am confident as well that the affiliate working there will aid apply the cell mobile phone cover to your phone.

If you truly like cellphone covers then you will really like the new skin silicone covers. They come in a broad range of shades and styles, and also have several unique themes. The skin cell phone covers just slide suitable more than your cell for a good tight match. Your cell phone is safeguarded and looks super trendy. There are also rubberized cell covers that are comparable to the skins, they safeguard your cellphone, come in numerous hues and have a belt clip so your hands are free. They offer at a reduce expense than the expensive skins cellphone covers. If you want to hold the price extremely very low for your cell phone cover, you can buy snap on plastic covers for about $three. They are not as long lasting as the silicone or rubberized cell covers, and can break rather simply.Personalized Cell Phone Covers/a>

Author Bio

Jiwesh Nandan, Principal Secretary, Information Technology & Electronics, Mining & Additional Sourc


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Elets – A platform for disseminating creative ideas on ICT

Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

Elets Focus Areas

Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

a) bring niche monthly publications;

b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

Leading Online Consumer Electronics Retailer, Zenithmart, Now Offered The Most Affordable Laptops

New York, NY, January 30, 2014 – ZenithMart is changing the way consumers shop online with its four-prong approach.

The most important aspect of ZenithMart’s mission involves pricing its ever-expanding list of products well below manufacturer suggested retail pricing. The online store’s commitment to competitive pricing is nearly unparalleled for a number of the products offered.

“Online shoppers looking for great deals on electronics can both start and end their search at the new electronics section of the ZenithMart website,” said Tochukwu K. Mbiamnozie, the founder, President & CEO of Zenith-Mart Inc.

The brain trusts behind ZenithMart are also consumers which is why consumers will only find quality computers, electronics and other general merchandise items. The group wants to know: why should online retailers sell products they themselves would not use?

The third prong to the online retailer’s mission is uncompromising service. The ZenithMart staff is available via telephone, email and chat. The goal is to answer any customer questions and ensure their experience with ZenithMart is nothing less than top notch.

Lastly, but certainly not least, sound security rounds out the store’s four-prong approach. With so many retailers losing the trust of consumers both online and in-store, ZenithMart is fully committed to customer safety. The website features an encrypted storefront as well as multiple layers of security including partnerships with PayPal, Authorize.Net and Norton Secured.

About ZenithMart:

Zenith-Mart Inc. is America’s No.1 Online Retailer of home and automotive electronics, computers and laptops, office machines and laser printers, jewelry, men and women shoes, vacuums, digital cameras, personal care, beauty products, tools and automotive parts, & more online.

Founded in April 2012, New York-based ZenithMart provides consumers with a one-stop-shop for office, household and personal merchandise. The company strongly believes in delivering high-quality products, competitive prices and unparalleled customer support. Since its inception, ZenithMart has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the seamless and convenient customer experience it creates. The company’s overriding mission is to provide consumers with the kind of quality and service that earns loyalty for life. For more information, please visit http://www.zenithmart.us.

Press Contact:
Tochukwu Mbiamnozie
Zenith-Mart Inc
New York, NY
+1 8006472923 Ext: 101

Download Free Android Apps Apk File Download Website

The mobile marketplace is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, replacing the standard way in which we used to interact with the World Wide Web. People are using smartphones and tablets to browse the web, but are also resorting to them for entertainment.

And among the biggest players out there, Android operating systems are slowly taking over the mobile market. Reaching its highest peak last year, the Android-based application marketplace is expanding fast and now is a very interesting time to be a part of the Android app developer community. And as a regular user, you get access to countless applications tailored for a wide diversity of purposes.

Free android apps are the norm, even for those who want to sell something inside their app. Allowing users to get free access to their apps, even for a limited time, can and usually will get the user to pay for extended features and other relevant services they can benefit from.

Android App Download website & Resources

In order to get a glimpse of the best Android apps out there, you can browse the Google Play Store. But for most of you, maybe the results youre getting there are not that much satisfying. Thats why platforms like androidappsapkdownload.com are a great alternative, as you can get the android app download functionality of the Play Store, while getting more info on the apps, whats popular about them and even an Android blog to consult every now and then.

All apps featured on androidappsapkdownload.com are at their latest version at all times, so you wont have to worry about having to update once the initial app is downloaded. Also notable on this android app site is the fact that you dont have to worry about security they dont host the files on their servers. Instead, youll be redirected to the appropriate Google Play page where you can get the app.

So if youre looking for great apps for your Android devices, make sure you visit the great Android app site and community found at http://androidappsapkdownload.com.

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Marine Electronics Lowrance Fishfinder Technology

The fast pace of modern technology means there is always a new gadget or device on the marine electronics market. For example, Lowrance recently introduced Broadband Sounder technology into their line of fishfinders. The Lowrance Broadband Sounder can actually see through structures to detect fish and is also capable of operating at high speed in deep water.

Lowrance has a strong reputation for reliable fishfinders and this new technology makes their product line more appealing than ever. The Lowrance Broadband Sounder offers increased capability for target separation and improved detail in shallow waters.

What Makes the Lowrance Broadband Sounder different?
Lowrance fishfinders with Lowrance Broadband Sounder use a 200 kHz single frequency transducer covering a 60p field of view. The transducer then sends out another signal at 83 KHz covering a 120p field of view. Because the scanning area is broader, targets remain in view for a longer period which means more information can be collected on the target, thus refining the details.

Using the Broadband Sounder technology Lowrance has overcome a common tradeoff. Typically a strong detail at the bottom has meant less definition in the shallow part of the cone. The new technology means greater definition of countours, thermoclines and underwater structures. The result is the ability to use the Lowrance fishfinder to locate fish hiding in grass, weeds, skirting rocks and otherwise playing hard to get.

When you crank up the power on a traditional transducer to increase detail in deeper waters, the result is often increased clutter. While there is more information it is often harder to decipher because of this increased clutter. The Lowrance Broadband Sounder reduces the clutter so when you turn up the gain on the fishfinder, the clutter is filtered, making the detail easier to understand and the fish easier to see. The technology is therefore really useful for clarity in deep water and at the bottom of a river, lake or seabed.

Advantages of The Lowrance Broadband Sounder Fishfinder
The new technology offered in Lowrance fishfinders provides strong bottom lock at high speeds in deep waters. It offers better clarity than previously possible in fishfinder technology and uses digital filtering algorithms to reduce clutter at high gain. This is heavy duty technology for serious fishermen. If you want to take your sportfishing to the next level, it could well be worth your while to look into the the Lowrance Broadband Sounder technology next time you are in the market for a fishfinder.